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22 January 2024


On a Tuesday morning at the end of November 2023, Linda and Stoffel were walking from the church to the shop to buy coffee. Suddenly, a woman emerged from one of the stores, running to greet them. She was excited to meet them because she’d been following their church online and listening to all their services. She wasn’t from Hermanus. When asked what she was doing in Hermanus, she explained that she had come for tests due to the discovery of cancerous growths in her body. She had just come from the doctor’s office and entered the store, hoping to encounter a member of their church. Linda and Stoffel prayed for her, asking for her healing and requesting that she keep them updated. In January, they received a message from her stating that she was all clear. The cancer and the growths had disappeared; the doctors couldn’t find anything. Praise Jesus! 🙌🏻🙌🏻