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2 February 2024


Student Harry’s Testimony

If you’re serious about getting much closer to God, this course is a must. I started as a first-year participant in 2023, initially hesitant but lured in by three free trial sessions. In the first session, I contemplated leaving, but something held me back. Then, during an activation exercise, I experienced a profound sensation of my hands burning from the Lord’s presence.

So, I was back for week 2, which brought a powerful and encouraging prophecy that drew me back for week 3, the decisive moment to sign up or not. During that session, I found myself laughing from my Spirit until tears flowed and my stomach ached. It was an experience that convinced me to sign up.

Throughout the course, I continually encountered God in ways I never thought possible. This isn’t a typical Bible study course, it’s about intimately experiencing God’s presence. I assure you, you will too.