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2 February 2024


God is faithful, even over borders!

Things have been rather challenging the last 10 years and especially financially.

I recieved a message that an overdue municipal bill needs to be paid within 2 days or services would be seized. We did not have the money to pay.

Around the same time my husband recieved a message from a childhood friend that had been visiting our beautiful town whom he had met 3 days prior for a coffee catch-up, about a blessing from a lady in their church in Spain that he would like to bless us with.

God woke her up in the night and said someone in South-Africa needs money. She then contacted the friend and he blessed us with the SAME amount due on the municipal bill from this lady in their Church …. how faithful is our Lord !

We should always listen to what God places on our hearts or a seed planted in our minds as irrational or crazy it might seem to us, as that is often part of God’s master plan to answer someone’s prayers.