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14 February 2024


No matter how small your request, God listens with an eager ear to hear your desires. Even a whisper echoes onto God’s ear. One small, seemingly irrelevant request I made weeks ago was for a guineafowl feather. I even encouraged my children to search for guineafowl feathers during their walks with the dogs, but they found none. There were plenty of guineafowls, but no feathers.

A few weeks later, we had a photoshoot for a new range of Safari clothing for our shop. It was a difficult week and my heart was heavy with discouragement and hurt. The shoot was scheduled for Monday and we had made many arrangements and preparations. On the Sunday before, I prayed and asked Jesus for guidance. Despite my emotional turmoil, I felt a clear message from the Holy Spirit that I should go ahead with the shoot and enjoy the process.

On the shoot day, the 5th of February, we prepared for the event, scheduled for 4 pm. I prayed that morning, asking for God’s favor and blessing. We arrived at the beautiful location, a wine farm, on time. As I stepped out of the car and looked at the setup, I saw a guineafowl feather. As I moved forward, I found more and more feathers, all sizes, all placed there by my Father in heaven. It was as if He was saying, “I understand your needs, I know you, your feathers are important to me!” These small requests answered by God are significant building blocks for our trust and faith in Him. Nothing is too small or too big for Him. He is a God of abundance, who knows your heart and wants to grace us with His goodness.

In that moment, I felt His grace and knew He was blessing us with feathers. Five is the number for grace. On the 5th of February, my Father gave me a feather of grace, a constant reminder that He is always good and all glory should be given to Him.